New Agent File Startup

**How to start a new file?**

  1. Please run pricing using EPPS, Loannex, or Optimal Blue engine. If need additional help, please email
    1a. 5 Basic Pieces of Info to include in email:
    1b. Loan Amount
    1c. LTV
    1d. FICO
    1e. Primary or Investment
    1f. CHALLENGE in brief and clear description
  2. Gather required documents, cover sheet, and 1003 information. Please send request for setup to
    2a. If borrower filled out an application online, please go into Encompass and locate the file and change APPLICATION MILESTONE TO APPLICATION FINISHED. (Yellow Milestone)
    Borrower Authorization Form Credit Only
    Borrower Authorization Form Credit and Appraisal
  3. Setup team will help to pull the credit report, send out Econsent, and a disclosure package. Once finished, it will be in ORIGINATION milestone. You will also receive and email stating disclosures have been sent out and are ready for signing.
  4. Processor will work on cleaning up the file and submission to the UW for review.
  5. Once initial approval is available, UW will call you about conditions and any areas that may need extra attention