GMCC MLO 10 Commandments

  1. for brand new mlo: must read this link:  UW Guidenlines:

  1. go to,  click onboarding,  read all document,  click on resources read: ” how to close first loan  booklet 
  1. Use ask Poli. Or use gmcc AI. Fanne Mae     AI tab on 
  2. Learn to use consumer connect on your own using        Learn 1008/1003 basic loan app requirements.    Also on for the pre approval and EPO form (mention EPO form a. Must )
  3. Run Epps for agency   Loannex for non-qm. 1 case study ,  sign up on Loannex,  clicking on ONBOARDING  on
  4. goto AI tab on  , click AI Programs, AI Scenario,  Fanne AI guidelines,  sign up GMCC LITE (mobile, AI version)
  5. Special gmcc programs.  Community lending.  Gmcc universe foreigner Hermes radiant (Rolex — lol )   Felicity (jumbo prime):  study  so you can know more your borrowers – smiling
  6. A must join Thursday 1pm how to close file using encompass 
  7. Click on how to apply new state license,  click on   onboarding of
  8. Spending 2* 8 hours  (4*4 hours) going thorough  every single link without login,   must spend at least 4 hours daily, learning & marketing (video, social media, wechat, tiktok, youtube, linked in, IG…. Little red book , email, text, CRM mortgage return ) ,  should talk to at least 3-5 ppl (referral partners, realtors, CPA, Financial Planners, accountants, builders, real estate offices …. ) weekly if not daily .      The more efforts you put in, the more loans you are closing or helping more borrowers